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Project Description
Setting up Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 requires updating the web.config file of three web applications.

This utility allows you to update all 3 configs in a single click. The updater can also be invoked from PowerShell.

See my post at

Updates the Web Application, Central Admin and STS web.config files with the FBA settings in settingsXml.

Updated nodes include:
- /configuration/SharePoint/PeoplePickerWildcards
- /configuration/system.web/membership/providers
- /configuration/system.web/roleManager/providers
- /configuration/connectionStrings

Format of settingsXml needs to be as follows:

    <PeoplePicker><add key="fbaMembers" value="%" /></PeoplePicker>
    <SqlConnection><add name="fbaSQL" connectionString="server=yourSqlServer;database=aspnetdb;Trusted_Connection=true"/></SqlConnection>
    <Membership><add name="LdapMember" type="Microsoft.Office.Server.Secu..."/></Membership>
    <Role><add name="LdapRole" type="Microsoft.Office.Serve..."/></Role>

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